Saturday, June 23, 2007

Multicultural Blogs - update

Referring to the introduction, here’s a further update:


14K (DC) • Nadia Turner • Added Blogger™ Features

EU Politics • US Droughts & Resources • Female Thoughts

US Droughts & Green Lawns • Corporations as Offenders

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Estate • Bavarians in Virginia

Merkel's Successful EU Summit • German & Lebanese Food
[with a supplement to e-glob’s “Bavarian Rindsrouladen” story]


haplif - Frank Kalder said...

e-glob commented on June 23:

> EU Summit in Brussels…

“Good luck to them in maintaining peace and equal applications of the treaty rules in the future.
Who knew Angela was that tough.
That's a huge shift in the power structure of the globe.”

> Here's my yesterday's supplement to your 'Bavarian Rindsrouladen' story...

“Yes, I saw and enjoyed it! Perfect meal this twisty food for such twisty negotiations.”

Yeah, perfect connotation! :)

haplif - Frank Kalder said...

While the FK blog ‘International Stuff’ (soc.culture.usa, June 24) showed several comb quotes, the entire issue on “The Globe’s Power Structure – USA, EU, China, India” was republished at the GLOBAL HAPLIFNET (click ‘Home’).