Tuesday, June 19, 2007

France, Germany, Poland – prior to the EU summit

EU summit threat as Poland hints at veto

“Poland has threatened to wreck this week's EU summit on a new treaty to replace Europe's failed constitution by calling for the reopening of talks on how power is wielded within the union.

Amid the worst row in years between Poland and Germany, which is driving the new treaty and seeking to salvage as much as possible from the defunct constitution, Warsaw made it plain that it could block a deal unless its views were accommodated. …” (Guardian UK - by Ian Traynor, Brussels)

A forthcoming EU leadership role of France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy was outlined (by FK) at the SPIEGEL FORUM on Politics (in German language).

One of its posters (a German who resides in Poland) provided an interesting and detailed
political background information.

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