Thursday, June 21, 2007

US Droughts & Green Lawns - Corporations as Offenders

e-glob, Washington (DC) - Americans feel it's their god given right to have green lawns and to cool children with hoses. They get very mad at their neighbors for not maintaining an emerald colored lawn. They are so crazy about this, that they actually have imported lawns into desert communities, such as Las Vegas and Arizona. This puts pressure on the water supply, of course.

As for the kids and the hoses, some folks have real built-in-pools, some have little wading pools. It's hard to get kids to want to shower, and they sort of don't really understand when they are over heated and don't always recognize that water will cool them off. So moms everywhere allow them to play under lawn sprinklers and hoses. This keeps them from getting heat stroke while they are playing. If you told them to go cool down in the shower, they would refuse because that's like a punishment to a little kid. Whereas romping under a sprinkler or a hose is a treat. In the city where no one has a lawn, some people figure out how to take the covers off fire hydrants and the city kids play in that. It's also fun. But the cities hate that, so they have devised specialized locks for the hydrants that keep the kids out of the hydrants. [
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