Monday, June 18, 2007

Multicultural Blogs - update

Referring to the introduction, here’s a further update:


New Blogger Template l EU+NATO l Greenhouse Gas Concentration

New "Blogger" Experiences l NATO+EU Considerations

"Blogger" Blogs l Gwen Stefani Honored l Weird Spy Case

Sarkozy's Majority (France) l "Blogger" News l LyricWiki

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haplif - Frank Kalder said...

e-glob [*] commented on June 20:
“The blog is very impressive.
My part should be called the e-glob for electronic glob which is an electronic anagram for blog and globe.
I'm kinda fond of being called a glob.”
*) formerly “mk5000”

Nonetheless, I’ve to stress that you’re not a little “glob” but a great sophisticated expert on US-European and worldwide political and cultural issues...