Friday, April 24, 2009

Public Indignation - “The Torture Moment” [~HuffPost]

Comment on Arianna Huffington’s blog

Yes, that's important: delineating the kind of country we - i.e., the U.S. - are.

As far as torture is concerned there's no legitimate "other side". And, of course, Barack Obama and his team "failed to see the massive wall of public indignation directly in front of them". It cannot be swept under the presidential rug. The nation's fundamental ethics (rather than morality) are at stake, and there's a pressure born of North America's values. Abuse of presidential power, e.g., allowing torture, doesn't have to become a U.S. precedent.

Passionate intensity needs the leap from words ("yes, we can") to action! (FK – HuffPost)

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