Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prospects of new US banking concepts [~HuffPost]

Probable $4 trillion debts, according to preliminary IMF reports, are tremendous. Already 23 bank takeovers this year by the FDIC! But all the US banks are not culpable, though. Edward Yingling says: "Wall Street and Main Street banking are very different." The banquet of greed and corruption which had created the toxic economic swamp have been (only!) the high-flying gluttons of Wall Street who have come to dominate the global credit market.

I particularly appreciate the mention of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who had invented the microfinance concept and opened the Grameen Bank, a branch in New York, for "banking of the unbanked" which he'll spread, already licensed, over the whole United States.

Green banks of the Triple Bottom Line concept investing in clean air, healthy food and livable communities, appreciably, are also gaining growing influence.

Thus, "glimmers of hope" may provide easier sleep after a long and stony way of toxicity removing, ahead. FrankKalder comment to Arianna Huffington blog

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