Sunday, March 30, 2008

Political Offers and Expectations in the United States

e-glob, Washington (DC) - But there's always things they don't think through or they think it through and then when they win they have to back down because it costs too much.

If they had given the government the money they needed to go after those bond brokers who used the bad mortgages to back their securities with several layers of masquerade - just like Enron which Bush promised would never happen again and supposedly passed legislation for.

If they had given the authorities more money in terms of enforcement and fraud, it wouldn't have happened.

There’s enough regulation - if nothing else downright common every day fraud laws - that they could have used to prevent it.

If you don't give cops enough money you can't get the job done.

It's not that we need more regulations but we need to stand tough on what we have and let the crooks know we are watching and there are repercussions. Supplements with Obama YouTube video clips

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