Monday, March 24, 2008

Frank Kalder’s Former Bavarian Hometown: LINDAU (Bodensee)


Lindau (Bodensee)
Germany’s Austrian & Swiss Border
- Lake Constance -

More slides

Isle view (enlarged) with Upper Rhine Valley (Austrian/Swiss), and SÄNTIS mountain

Harbor - Bavarian Lion & New Lighthouse - Vorarlberg mountains (Austria)
Harbor illumination
Harbor with ‘Old Lighthouse' (Mangturm)
Harbor with Magnolias

Maximilian Street - from the west
- from the east (with 'Zum Sünfzen' sign)
- from the east (wider view)

Further Background

Although I did not live on the isle, of course, our family’s residence has been situated only a few ‘walking’ minutes away, within the surrounding county, i.e., on the “Schneeberghalde” - adjacent to the castle “Schloss Moos”.

Here’re a few more details (with photos).

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