Saturday, September 1, 2007

Heartfelt Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

Prince Harry said: “To lose a parent so suddenly at such a young age - as others have experienced - is indescribably shocking and sad. It was an event which changed our lives forever, as it must have done for everyone who lost someone that night. But what is far more important to us now, and into the future, is that we remember our mother as she would have wished to be remembered - as she was: fun-loving, generous, down-to-earth, entirely genuine…”

Excerpt - The Queen, the Prince of Wales and the late Princess’s family, the Spencers, joined 500 guests invited by William and Harry at the Guard’s Chapel in West London to mourn and celebrate the life of their mother, who died in a car crash in Paris early in the morning of August 31, 1997... Times UK (with guest list)

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