Sunday, June 15, 2008

EU Lisbon Treaty -- Changes After the Irish “No”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called Ireland's "no" to the EU's Lisbon treaty a call to change the way Europe was being constructed. But he has also urged other states to continue the ratification process.

"Many Europeans do not understand how we are constructing Europe. We must therefore change the way we do it," Sarkozy told journalists in Paris after meeting US President George W. Bush.

The Irish rejection of the treaty was "an appeal to do more, to do it better," he said. But Sarkozy, whose country is taking over the rotating presidency in July, stressed that no one had the right to sabotage the European project. One of the treaty's aims is to streamline decision-making processes in the enlarged and more unwieldy 27-member bloc… Deutsche Welle

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