Friday, May 9, 2008

Russian Tandem-Rulers “Medvedev & Putin”: Could They Clash?

President Dmitry Medvedev has spoken of working in tandem with the prime minister Vladimir Putin, who, he said, would play a key role in propelling Russia to global economic leadership by 2020.

The irony of the president's position is that the economy is the area where he might be expected to temper the corruption, statism and inefficiency of the Putin years. Yet, under the constitution, that is the purview of the prime minister, while the president oversees foreign and defence matters. Over the need to broaden the country's industrial base and enforce the rule of law in business transactions, the two men could clash.

As for foreign policy, there is nothing yet to indicate that Medvedev will deviate from his predecessor's line…

In due course, the Russian president may acquire the authority to act independently of his mentor. An early measure of his freedom of manoeuvre will be whether he can form his own inner circle within the Kremlin. Telegraph UK

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