Saturday, April 19, 2008

About the "Transatlantic Daily" (International Stuff)


For a period of approx. three years, we’re running the multicultural blog INTERNATIONAL STUFF - “transatlantic daily” - on a regular day-to-day schedule.*

While my main correspondent M.K. - aka "e-glob" (a US lawyer) - resides in Washington (DC), I stay currently in Germany’s Rhine-Main area (Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt). Formerly I had resided - among other international locations - in France [Paris] and in the USA [Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas), San Francisco (California), Manhattan (New York)].

At the Haplif Navigation Center (lower part of the page) a selection of topics of the International Stuff blogs may be clicked. They were split into two parts: 1,320 and 1,580 posts (17 authors), totalling 2,900 entries.**

Further blog background (historic): Success of the blog INTERNATIONAL STUFF [Google Groups & Usenet]



* Renamed INTERNATIONAL TOPICS as of June 16 2009.

** In the meantime we had (additionally) 450 posts within another contextual thread (Apr 18 - Oct 21 2008).


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