Monday, January 7, 2008

Outside Winners in Iowa: OBAMA and HUCKABEE

The winners in Iowa are named Obama and Huckabee. One used chutzpah and charm to defeat the Clinton machine; the other pitched his warmth and Baptist faith against big-money Republicanism.

The race for the White House is on

All Barack Obama has to do now is stand there. He doesn't really need the giant sign with his campaign slogan "Change" that someone has draped behind him. He just has to stand in place to exude a sense of change. He doesn't need to say anything in the giant conference center in Des Moines. His thousands of supporters gathered here would cheer him anyway.

But then Obama speaks: about a magic moment in history, and the dream of uniting America. Black and white, red and blue… By Gregor Peter Schmitz; to read more at SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL

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