Sunday, December 30, 2007

Global Policy Changes - Fair Distribution of Wealth

Address by Federal President Horst Köhler at the opening of the Club of Rome conference on "Policy Changes in the Next Phase of Globalisation"

Excerpt - A key question regarding the fair distribution of wealth which industrialized nations have to answer is: how can we create additional sources of income for employees whose working lives are subject to ever more change and flux, whose salaries are no longer increasing as much as they used to but who, after all, have contributed towards their companies' rapidly rising profits and investment? I believe the answer is to give employees a greater stake in their companies, and in their profits.

I am convinced that the peoples of the world are capable of shaping globalization in such a way that it benefits everyone. The level of productive resources is such that it is possible to ensure that adequate health and safety standards in the workplace apply and that people earn more than starvation wages everywhere. And the worldwide potential for creating income and work is so great that every individual can make a living if the right balance is struck between incentives and responsibility and if we learn to share better. … German Federal President


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