Saturday, November 3, 2007

German Awareness of India & Strategic Economic Cooperation

Economic Growth vs. Social Gaps
India's rapid economic growth has widened the gap between the new middle class and the impoverished bottom class, which makes up a third of the population. A similar development has already occurred in China, but is likely to cause greater tension in a democracy… India and Germany still do not see eye-to-eye on the World Trade talks in Doha, ongoing since 2001, which is a standard problem between highly developed countries and advancing nations such as India, let alone very poor ones… DW-WORLD.DE

Science Express
The Science Express, with its 13 carriages, will be visiting 56 towns, including many isolated places. It is hoped that it will fire the enthusiasm of young people in India for science. And it will be encouraging Indian experts to undertake courses of study in Germany. At present some 4,000 Indians are studying in Germany, while 80,000 of their compatriots are undertaking higher education in the USA...

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