Thursday, October 25, 2007

Business Suffering From “Honesty” – The “Merkel Cost”

Excerpts - German Chancellor Angela Merkel prides herself on being honest with - and critical of - world leaders. But within her government, dissatisfaction is growing, and German trade may be suffering…

Merkel feels that there is no evidence that an offensive human rights policy jeopardizes investments or lessens political influence. She believes that only those who express their opinions openly are treated with respect.

Others, though, aren't so sure. Whereas Merkel is inclined to ignore the aggressive posturing her foreign policy generates, others see warning signals that need to be taken seriously. BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht criticized the reception of the Dalai Lama as "tactless" and promptly delivered a sweeping attack. "The way we deal with China is absolutely unjustified," he said. His deputy Eggert Voscherau echoed the boss in saying: "We have pushed open the door, but others are going through."… More at Spiegel International

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